Research Interests

I am currently working in the area of quantum computer architecture. Specifically, my work is in looking for ways to create correct quantum computer programs. These tools and techniques may borrow ideas from classical computing, using domain-specific language features, programming assertions, and lightweight debugging tools.

My PhD dissertation work at Columbia University was in applications of an analog-digital computer architecture in modern scientific computing. In my time as a PhD student, I figured out how to program and run our group’s own prototype analog computer chips. I found a cavernous gap between the scale, precision, and flexibility that modern workloads demand, and the small-scale approximations that analog computers can realistically deliver. So, in my thesis I advocate for using iterative numerical algorithms as an abstraction layer between conventional digital computers and analog accelerators.

My work has caught the attention of DARPA, who funded my team to do a commercialization study through a Small Business Technology Transfer grant. My work has also sparked discussion in the computer architecture research community, who named one of my conference papers one of twelve Top Picks from 2016.


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Yipeng Huang
Department of Computer Science
Princeton University
35 Olden Street, Princeton, NJ 08540-5233